Chartering of all types of vessels and cargoes, personalized solutions for specific requirements is our field..

Our philosophy core values are concentrating into words like Trust, Teamwork, Integrity, Commitment, Ethical, Caring, Responsibility, Professionalism, Friendly, Innovation, Quality and Excellence, which for us it is not just words but it is a way of living and we feel our future, like our past, must embody these values together with a sound vision to fuel future growth into the business of moving materials worldwide in the most efficient ways possible always through establishing long lasting friendships .

The strength at Bulkoil is the staff of professionals who are available to serve you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week doing the best can be done at all times and present the best solutions for our clients so to be a value added partner to them in the future.

Here we are always aggressive and tenacious as sometimes mere minutes can separate success from failure and a broker must have the necessary experience, boldness and technological support systems to make decisions quickly and decisively.

Only when a broker understands the client's goals, guidelines and business plans can render an effective service. Bulkoil brokers devote significant amounts of time getting to know their clients, planning and helping them through hard and experienced work so same to be materialized .